Thai Massage

Thai Massage

thai massage


30 Minutes £ 30
45 Minutes £ 40
60 Minutes £ 50
90 Minutes £ 75
120 Minutes £ 95


We ARE the Thai (massage) guys!

If you are looking for a therapy treatment which is just that little bit more special, Thai Massage may be just for you. This ancient Massage method relaxes your body, clears energy blockages, and balances the body’s energy through a combination of acupressure and yoga-like stretching techniques.


What does Thai Massage involve?

Thai massage employs a combination of techniques from Ayurvedic and Yogic practices, as well as the meridian system of Traditional Chinese Medicine, (a path through which life-energy or ‘Qi’ flows). Lying on our massage table or the floor, our therapist will use their thumbs, palms, forearms, elbows, feet and knees to manipulate your body. Through this manipulation, it is believed that blockages in the body’s energy flow are released, reducing pain and discomfort.


If this sounds uncomfortable, do not worry! It is safe, enjoyable - and incredibly relaxing; the process is very subtle, building up slowly to ensure that your body becomes increasingly flexible throughout the session, until every muscle joint has been treated. The movements used are rhythmic and soothing, whilst the scented oils (should you choose them) add to the sense of relaxation by the end of the treatment.


What our Clients Say about our Thai Massage Treatment...

We care deeply about the experience that our clients have when they come to Maresia Spa & Massage, and welcome all and any feedback they offer. Clients who have experienced Thai Massage at the hands (literally!) of our dedicated therapy staff often report that they feel a sense of total relaxation, rejuvenated and feeling ‘as good as new’ at the end of their treatment, and invariably book a further session or take advantage of our Massage package - recommendation indeed for both the treatment and our therapists who provide it.


What is Thai Massage Good For?

At Maresia Spa & Massage, our experienced therapists also wax lyrical on the benefits of Thai Massage, which ultimately restores balance to the mind, body and spirit. The benefits of this treatment are testament to the longevity of the techniques used, in that the Thai Massage can:

Relieve pain through reducing physical ‘knots’ and energy blockages
Relax the mind with the rhythmic flow of the therapist’s movements
Reduce muscle tension by reducing inflammation
Remove toxins, by increasing blood flow, working them out of your muscle tissue
Realign the body through the stretching and manipulation of muscle joints


Book us Today for a Truly Exceptional Experience

Whether you are new to the world of massage, or are a regular user of other techniques, we recommend trying Thai Massage to soothe away tension and muscle aches. Using our simple online booking system, you can choose a time and day to suit you. Alternatively, why not purchase one of our coveted Maresia Spa & Massage vouchers as a gift? Just pop into our therapy rooms at Bush Hill Park, Enfield or contact us to speak to one of our friendly staff who will tell you more about the superb treatments available.


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