Luxury Gift Cards are the Perfect Prezzie!

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Gift CardAre you someone who tirelessly trawls the shops (ok, online:) for that extra special gift? Or perhaps last year’s offerings were some chocs in a mug from the local garage on Christmas Eve?

Scarves, socks, bath salts…as C-day approaches, finding ‘the’ gift for hard-to-buy for people in your life can get you hot under the collar on frosty shopping days.

…The Search is Over!

At Maresia Spa & Massage, we invite you to effortlessly bring a warm glow to your loved one’s cheeks with our Luxury Gift Cards, available in store and online.

Maresia Spa & Massage Gift Cards are available in £20 – £95 values to suit any budget. They are incredibly versatile and can be used for any combination of massage therapy treatments. What’s more, the cards can be used towards payment for a massage of your choice or even exchanged to another person by arranging with our staff.

Gift Card

Partner, Grandma, Bestie; our Luxury Gift Cards are the Perfect Prezzie!

Our gift cards are the ideal present for a wide range of unticked people on your gift list, and are a lovely accompaniment to a box of chocolates or a little bottle of Prosecco, to complete your thoughtful Spa gift.

Newlyweds – looking for something practical for that first Christmas together? Our vouchers can be separated for a ‘his’ and ‘hers’ experience, welcoming in married life with a mini-mini break (50 mins!) that might stave off the she-shed or man-cave for a few months:)

Auntie Betty – We all have one! …maybe not a Betty, but a family member for whom a small gift is too little and a large gift might be considered a little ostentatious. Choose a gift card to the appropriate value and Bob’s your uncle! (Or Betty, your Auntie). What’s more, it can be sent directly for that extra surprise of Christmas through the letterbox!

Parents – if you are familiar with the pre- and post Christmas chaos which those wonderful little urchins bring, you will know that any ‘sanctioned’ down-time is a welcome gift for any mum or dad! Our Gift Cards are really popular as Christmas gifts for new parents, and we like to think we do our bit for the health and wellbeing of frazzled parents from Southgate to Cheshunt!

…the man in your life – over 40% of our clients are male, enjoying massage as a relaxation session after a hectic week, or for post-exercise treatment to keep their bodies healthy. If your partner is new to the world of massage, our Gift Cards are the ideal way to try out our range of massage services, from deep tissue massage to Thai Massage.

An ‘anytime’ gift – sometimes we just want to let someone know we’re thinking of them. And our Gift Cards provide a message with your massage! If you want to say ‘thank you’ or wish someone a Merry Christmas, let us know and we will add your message to the gift card before it is sent directly to your giftee.

Have a look at our massage services, from Hot Stone Massage, our Maresia Fusion Massage to Thai Massage, and detailed information on each treatment, its benefits and techniques.


We know; life gets in the way of things and before you know it, Santa’s on the doorstep, tutting disdainfully. Not to worry; at Maresia Spa & Massage, our Gift Cards are next-day-delivery, so no need to rummage for stamps or locate a nearby postbox. We do it all for you:). Order by the 19th December to guarantee delivery for Christmas.

So check your naughty and nice list, and order a Maresia Spa & Massage Luxury Gift Card (or pop in to our premises in Enfield) …a great little gift for Christmas, even if we do say so ourselves…

Out and about in Enfield this winter

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Enfield in winter

‘There’s no such thing as bad weather – only bad clothing’. Wise words as we move into the weather that the UK is best known for! So we suggest you dig around in the attic for your warmest woolies and get out this Winter, to pep yourself up and give your body a treat!

It’s amazing how we forget what’s on our doorsteps, so here are are some little reminders of great things to do in and around the Enfield area…

…and of course, we recommend a warming and relaxing massage at the end of the day to treat those tired muscles ….

Go Ape, Cockfosters

Go ape tree tops

Tree tops

There’s no slacking on this day out as it’s not for the faint-hearted! If you haven’t been, it’s an exhilarating journey through over 400 acres (you don’t have to cover them all:) with rope swings, tree-walks and even skateboard zips! Go Ape is located in Cockfosters and is the perfect day out, rain or shine. It’s also popular as an staff day out, if you’re looking for ideas…!

Lee Valley Regional Park at Enfield


Lee ValleyThe Lee Valley Regional Park has a little something for everyone, with canal boats for hire, play areas, outdoor sculptures and, of course, stunning countryside walks in every season! Those with green fingers will love the gardens at Myddleton House, with its herb gardens and sculptures – and of course the house itself! So whether you are looking for a romantic walk along the river, or are looking to tire overactive children out, Lee Valley Regional Park has it all.

Alexandra Palace Ice Rink and Grounds, Wood Green

Alexandra PalaceIf ‘Hit Me Baby One More Time’ was playing the last time you were on the ice, it’s time to visit Alexandra Palace Ice Rink! Your skating partners will be highly amused at how little of your skating muscle memory probably remains:) A stone’s throw away from Palmers Green, Alexandra Palace is also great for a refreshing walk on a sunny Winter’s day.

Firs Farm and Wetlands, Edmonton

Firs farm wetlandsLove a countryside walk? If you’re looking for something a little different, Firs Farm Wetlands offers unusual landscapes and Winter wildlife for an interesting day out. There are also opportunities to get involved with community activities throughout the year, and as focus turns to relentless Christmas shopping, Firs Farm and Wetlands offer peaceful refuge only 0.5 miles from Winchmore Hill.

Pymmes Park, Edmonton

Pymmes parkAn underestimated and quiet location, Pymmes Park is the ideal place for a Sunday stroll, with its country walks, playpark and abundance of birds on the lake! Situated in Edmonton, the park also has free Tennis courts and a variety of activities from keep-fit events to a bowling club, for those so inclined:)

Jungle Falls, Oakwood

Jungle falls Adventure Golf is not just for the Summer! If you fancy a bit of pitch and putt, Jungle Falls is open all year round and is a great place for a little fun. And as it’s only 5 minutes’ walking distance of Oakwood Tube station, you can hop on and be there in no time at all (assuming you’re in the Enfield area:). Best of all, is that adventure golf is a great leveller between generations, so the whole family can enjoy a good laugh at their putting antics:)

So get out there this Winter! These are just some of the places locals will know, but may forget are there. And to end a day’s activities, don’t forget to book your massage session with Maresia Spa & Massage. We think you’ll have earned it!

Get in touch today or book online at a time to suit you. Maresia Spa & Massage covers the whole Enfield area and are within easy reach of the following…

Southgate (2.4m) | Cockfosters (4.6m) | Winchmore Hill (1.2m) | Palmers Green (2.2m) | Barnet (4.6m) | Edmonton (1.7m) | Oakwood (2.2m) | Wood Green (3.2m)

Massage: The Ultimate Winter Warmer!

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Don’t have a mustache to keep you warm this ‘MOvember’? Relax! At Maresia Spa & Massage, we can get you glowing inside and out with a range of superb massage treatments! This MAvember (see what we did there?) we’re offering double loyalty points to new customers who leave a review on our Google page – so this is the perfect time to come and experience the magic of a warm Winter massage!

Our therapists get super busy as the night start drawing in. Why? Here are our top 6 reasons for making massage a regular part of your Winter wellbeing regime…

1. Get back that Rosy Glow!
Skin can become dry and irritated in constant cold, which can lead to tired and bumpy skin. By manipulating the tissue beneath the skin and releasing toxins which lie there, skin becomes oxygenated and is better able to withstand the perils of our UK weather. At Maresia Spa & Massage, our Lymphatic Drainage massage is just the ticket for getting that rosy glow back into your cheeks (those ones too!).

2. Find a Little Happiness…

Almost one third of the adult population in the UK suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder or ‘Winter Depression’ as it is more commonly known. This condition is linked to the lack of daylight that we suffer in more northern parts of the world and can really hamper your mood and motivation. A great ‘pick-me-up’ for when you’re feeling a little down in the dumps, massage is scientifically proven to boost your happy hormones, as well as being incredibly relaxing! Find out more about the types of massage available at Maresia Spa & Massage, and read our recent blog ‘Get your Happy On’ for more detailed info on how massage affects our mood.

3. Give your Brain a Boost!

Do you find yourself reaching for a coffee earlier and earlier in the day? Dark mornings and early sunsets can make us groggy and not our best selves at work or at play. The magic of massage continues, as research shows that it can improve your mental sharpness. How? Circulation becomes constricted when shoulder and neck muscles are tight, and this can affect memory and focus. A good massage will loosen these muscles and give your noggin a healthy boost! We recommend a Head and Neck, or Deep Tissue Massage for kneading out those nasty knots…

4. Add a Little Winter Warmth

Even a little excursion on a chilly day can increase stress hormone levels, as we strive to stay warm by shivering and raising our body temperature. Whilst we might just feel a little chilly on the outside, our bodies are working incredibly hard to get us back to a normal state and it triggers all of our systems to get working, championed by Cortisol, the hormone that makes us ‘fight or flee’. Hot Stone Massage offers a double benefit of muscular manipulation and a deep comfortable heat to warm you from head to toe!

5. Melt away the Aches and Pains…
For those of us with aches and pains, Winter can bring its only little trials, from stiffness in the morning to that dull ache from dreary wet days. It also doesn’t help that we are less likely to be active during the winter months, turn in our boxercise for boxsets, spin class for spag bol. One of our most popular massages here at Maresia Spa & Massage is the Deep Tissue Massage, which helps to penetrate tissue at the deepest level, breaking down lactic acid and reducing that cold weather stiffness.

6. Rev up your Immune System!
As a result of all of the above effects that the cold has on your body, the immune system can become more easily compromised. All massage practices help to reducing toxins, stress hormone and rejuvenate tissue but we recommend Swedish Massage, for a gentle body ‘workout’ which leaves you feeling great inside and out, and increases resilience against those pesky Winter colds.

With all of these benefits to be had, it’s clear to see why our therapists are so busy! If you know of someone whom you think could do with a little more ‘oomph’ or a little less ‘meh’ then why not order a Maresia Spa & Massage voucher for the ultimate pamper present!

Get in touch today or book online at a time to suit you! We cover the whole Enfield area and are within easy reach of the following areas…

Southgate (2.4m) | Cockfosters (4.6m) | Winchmore Hill (1.2m) | Palmers Green (2.2m) | Barnet (4.6m) | Edmonton (1.7m) | Oakwood (2.2m) | Wood Green (3.2m)

Get Your Happy On! Mental Health and the Benefits of Massage…

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‘I think it’s time for a massage…’.

Our clients regularly tell us that it’s family or friends who notice that they need a little lift before they do!

We often think of massage as being a good tool for melting away aches and pains, but the benefits of this 5000 year old practice go much further than simply ironing out muscle knots!

Massage can have a profound effect on your mental wellbeing and is increasingly recommended for those suffering from stress, anxiety and depression, as well as sleep disorders and other long-term conditions.

It’s easy to get so caught up in the day-to-day living that we don’t realise we are beginning to dip in energy and mood, attributing our feelings to other things. The great news is, for those who are new to the world of massage, if you’re feeling a bit flat, anxious or are having a hard time sleeping, massage can offer relief. Studies into the effects of massage show that, in addition to relieving pain, regular massage sessions can help improve your mental health and is increasingly recommended by GPs as a way of improving wellbeing.

So leaving the oversized chocolate bar in the cupboard, and adding massage to your battery of feel-good tools is a great move. But how does it work?

It all starts with the release of Endorphins, those lovely little hormones that makes us feel good when we go for a run, watch a good movie or eat said chocolate. During a massage session, the increase of these endorphins swimming around your system calms and relaxes your body and mind. And as how we feel inside can colour so much of how we cope with our day-to-day lives, this is why many people enjoy a massage as part of their regular week.

Harmony through Hormones

Massage is known to help those suffering from depression, by lifting your mood naturally, through the release of these endorphins, namely:

Dopamine, the ‘happy hormone’, stimulates the reward centre in your brain, and provides a natural high, giving a feeling of contentment. Through manipulation of your muscles and tendons, massage releases this hormone into your system.

Serotonin. This is the hormone that anti-depressants increase levels of – it’s a calming hormone which soothes and relaxes, and aids sleep. Massage is a natural way to increase seratonin levels

Oxytocin, ‘the love hormone’ which helps increase social bonding. It’s released during a cuddle, holding babies (and, research suggests, stroking puppies to name just a few things!) Through touch, oxytocin levels are increased during massage.

Massage can also help those suffering from stress reducing the levels of cortisol (stress hormone) in your system.

Cortisol provides ‘fight or flee’ signal which is triggered in a stressful situation and gets us ready to act. In the good old days of loin cloths and sitting round a fire, this might have been a mammoth or a sabre-toothed tiger; nowadays it’s likely to be a work deadline or a weekend visit from the in-laws. And as increased cortisone levels from stress are associated with stroke, diabetes and heart issues, finding ways of managing stress are vital to keeping healthy. Massage can help to de-stress, and recharge your batteries – even from a single session.

Maresia Spa & Massage – the whole massage experience!

Whilst the science is compelling enough to recommend integrating massage with your wellbeing regime, there’s nothing more powerful than word of mouth! Here at Maresia Spa & Massage, we understand that a first class massage is about the whole experience. This is why we work hard to ensure that our comfortable surroundings, and our friendly, qualified staff provide our clients with a memorable massage that they are happy to recommend to their friends and family!

We offer a range of massage practices, from Thai Massage, Deep Tissue Massage to Lymphatic Drainage Massage, amongst other treatments. All are delivered by our experienced practitioners who understand that there are many reasons why their clients come for a massage and are happy to answer your questions.

So if you are feeling a little under the weather, a massage may be just the thing you need to sweep away those Monday blues.

Get in touch today or book online at a time to suit you! We cover the whole Enfield area and are within easy reach of the following…

Southgate (2.4m) | Cockfosters (4.6m) | Winchmore Hill (1.2m) | Palmers Green (2.2m) | Barnet (4.6m) | Edmonton (1.7m) | Oakwood (2.2m) | Wood Green (3.2m)

The Magic Of Thai Massage

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Thai Massage is an increasingly popular practice, and nowhere more than at Maresia Spa & Massage, where our traditional Thai Massage Practitioners are very much in demand! We thought you might like to know more about this ancient method and find out about our expert Thai Massage therapists here at our Enfield premises

So Why is Thai Massage so popular?
Thai Massage is a very powerful massage method, combining a deep understanding of anatomy and musculature with Ayurvedic medicine and Yoga stretches. Thought to have originated in the times of Buddha, this practice has spread throughout the world and has a reputation for the many benefits it provides such as:

  • Relaxing tight muscles
  • Stimulating circulation
  • Relieving stress
  • Boosting energy levels

Many report that just one session can lift nagging muscular problems, or help relieve the symptoms of chronic conditions such as arthritis or tension headaches.

Another reason for the rise in popularity of Thai Massage is through personal experience and word of mouth. Many who have visited South East Asia have tried an authentic Thai massage and seek it out here in the UK. And as one of the few Spas in the Enfield area with traditional Thai practitioners, our clients travel from far and wide to relive that wonderful experience at Maresia Spa & Massage!


How is Thai Massage different to Traditional Massage?
Whilst the Thai method of massage concentrates on muscles and pressure points as with other methods, there are some basic differences between traditional methods and Thai Massage that you may not know about…

The practitioner uses much of more of their body during a Thai massage, including hands, knees, elbows, forearms and even feet! Stretching every muscle in turn, the therapist uses their own strength to lift and bend limbs, delivering a gentle workout for the whole body.

Thai Massage is more intuitive, with the practitioner’s hands being guided by areas of tension to release energy blockages or tightness around the body, using rhythmic motions, bending and stretching. These are repeated until the therapist feels a release in muscle tension.


Thai Massage uses ancient knowledge of life energies, known as ‘doshas’ – the basis of Ayurvedic medicine. The practice has survived over 2,500 years, largely untouched in its original practice.

The Thai method also uses assisted Yoga stretches, to improve muscle strength. However don’t be alarmed by the word ‘Yoga’ – you will not be tied into a pretzel, we assure you! Our practitioners are expertly trained to understand fully how to get the best from their practice, relative to what your body can handle, and using their intuitive knowledge to gauge what is needed.

Thai Massage for Rehabilitation
There is one other really important difference to other methods of massage that Thai Massage has, and that is of movement. Most other massage types involve the client being largely still during the session, with muscles being manipulated through kneading and circular movements. However, by assisting the client into light Yoga poses, there is more exertion involved and this can be really effective for those with mobility problems, or who lead a very sedentary life, increasing circulation and working muscles in the process.

Thai massage is therefore thought to be particularly beneficial for rehabilitation, whether this is a long-term sports injury, stroke or other muscular issues. Increased circulation helps to improve oxygen flow around the body and to generate cell growth. What does this all mean in layman’s terms? Your body heals more quickly; and that is the magic of Thai Massage


Meet our Thai Massage Team!
Should you book a massage session here at Maresia Spa & Massage, you will be treated by one of our friendly and experienced traditional Thai therapists…

Nate is a highly skilled therapist who can provide a 2 hour (or longer) Traditional Thai Massage with oil. Particularly good with sports injuries, Nate also has excellent knowledge of Deep Tissue, Swedish and Hot Stone massage.

Our ever bubbly and popular therapist, Pookie, specialises in Thai combination massage with oil, as well as Deep Tissue, Swedish and Hot Stone massage. Her massage can incorporate back-walking (ie., use of the therapist’s feet to massage your back) at the client’s preference.

Kung, with many years’ experience in Thai Massage is also very much in demand at Maresia Spa & Massage. Many of our clients request Kung’s skills for relaxation purposes and for sport injuries. She also has extensive experience with Deep Tissue, Swedish and Hot Stone massage.

Now that we’ve told you all about this popular massage method and our Thai Massage team, you may wish to try it out for yourself! Booking with us couldn’t be easier, using our online booking system or simply contacting us on 020 83643236. We are confident that after one Thai Massage, you will join the ranks of our regular Thai Massage clients who recommend us highly.

Maresia Spa & Massage is easy to get to for all Enfield and surrounding areas and is located next to Ridge Avenue Library and Domino’s Pizza at 18 Bush Hill Parade, Village Road, Enfield, EN1 2HB. Find us here.


Southgate (2.4m) | Cockfosters (4.6m) | Winchmore Hill (1.2m) | Palmers Green (2.2m) | Barnet (4.6m) | Edmonton (1.7m) | Oakwood (2.2m) | Wood Green (3.2m)