Hot Stone Therapy Treatment

Hot Stone Massage

hot stone therapy


60 Minutes £ 55
90 Minutes £ 80
120 Minutes £ 100


Hot Stone Massage Rocks!

There is nothing quite like the warmth of volcanic pebbles gently massaging your body to ease muscle tension! Hot Stone Massage is an excellent remedy for aches and pains, and at Maresia Spa & Massage, you can experience this superbly soothing treatment within our peaceful surroundings in Enfield, London.


What does Hot Stone Massage Involve?

Our qualified therapists use smooth, flat stones made of basalt and heated to between 54 to 63 degrees. The heated stones are placed on muscles on either side of the spine, face, chest and stomach, and even between the fingers and toes to warm and relax your entire body. Following this, the therapist will perform a full massage with scintillating scented oils, leaving you feeling de-stressed and invigorated.


Benefits of Hot Stone Massage

Working on the basis of heat and manipulation through massage, the benefits of Hot Stone Massage are many: those with muscular problems will find relief, as both help to reduce muscle spasms and improve movement. Hot Stone Massage is also excellent for:

Reducing stress and tension through increasing blood flow to your muscles
Improving your immune system by relieving toxins and increasing white blood cells
Promoting sleep through increasing stress-relieving hormones


Before your first treatment, our therapist will chat with you about any health issues you may have and tailor the session to suit your needs. Whatever your reason for trying one of our treatments, here at Maresia Spa & Massage, we know that you will leave our premises feeling relaxed and pampered!


What our Clients Say about Hot Stone Massage...

Our clients tell us that what they like about Hot Stone Massage - differently to other massages - is the heat from the stones, which is especially soothing, particularly for those who chill easily. Our delicately scented oils are also a favourite of our customers, adding a touch of luxury to the massage experience. Some of our regular bookers have come across Hot Stone Massage as a change to their regular massage, and book it as a treat, or if they are feeling a little under the weather. Whatever your reasons to explore the benefits of Hot Stone Massage, our therapists at Maresia Spa & Massage will provide you with a memorable experience.


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