Lymphatic Drainage

Lymphatic Drainage

lymphatic drainage


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We’re ecstatic about our Lymphatic:)

Lymphatic Drainage has become increasingly popular due to its purported ability to boost weight loss; however, there is much more to this treatment than meets the eye! Our therapists at Maresia Spa & Massage are qualified and time-served, offering an exceptional experience in our premises in Enfield, North London, with a treatment which has multiple beauty and health benefits.


What is Involved in Lymphatic Drainage?

Lymphatic Drainage is an effective method for reducing toxins in the body by increasing the flow of lymph, a fluid which transports nutrients to the cells. The pressure used is less than other massage techniques, as the aim is not to knead the muscles but to increase the flow of lymph around the body, removing toxins as they do so. The movements used vary between long strokes and tiny tugging movements - all rhythmical and incredibly relaxing - so much so that many of our clients fall asleep during the treatment! Areas where the therapist will focus on are on the lymph nodes themselves, found in the neck, under the arms and in the groin area. Warmth is important for Lymphatic Drainage, and so the room will be heated to a greater temperature than usual, to aid the therapist in massaging the lymph around your body.


Benefits of Lymphatic Drainage

In addition to helping with weight loss, Lymphatic Drainage can:

Alleviate swelling and puffiness by reducing fluid retention
Reduce cellulite through removal of toxins from the skin cells
Improve recovery from illness by helping to fight off infection
Improve skin and reduce visibility of scar tissue
Help reduce the symptoms of Gout and Lymphoedema


After your treatment at Maresia Spa & Massage, you may feel a little sleepy - this is entirely normal for this process, and some rest may be needed to allow your body to take on the positive changes which the treatment brings. Our therapists also recommend that you drink plenty of water after the treatment, to help flush the released toxins from your body.


What our Clients Say

Most commonly, our clients are surprised by the healthy glow that their skin has at the end of a treatment; they also remark on reduced puffiness and less sluggishness than normal. Many clients book a session for sinus problems, for which this treatment is excellent, due to the stroking motions around the face and neck. For those who are new to therapy treatment, this is an excellent therapy to begin with, as it is a gentle treatment which provides visible as well as internal benefits.


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