Deep Tissue Massage

Deep Tissue Massage


30 Minutes £ 30
45 Minutes £ 40
60 Minutes £ 50
90 Minutes £ 75
120 Minutes £ 95


...find a little piece of Heaven with our Deep Tissue Massage!

One of our most popular treatments at Maresia Spa & Massage, Deep Tissue Massage offers clients welcome relief from chronic tension or muscle pain in the serene and comfortable surroundings of our therapy rooms situated in Enfield, North London. It's common to get aches and pains simply from leading our busy day-to-day lives, but if the discomfort has been going on for a while, Deep Tissue Massage is an excellent way to help your body to heal and recover, restoring your flexibility and getting you back to your old self!


How Deep Tissue Massage Works

Deep Tissue Massage helps to relax your muscles by increasing the blood flow around your body, taking away toxins in your blood stream as it does so. It works on the deeper layers of muscle tissue, breaking down scar tissue, and removing the 'knots' or trigger points that can cause great discomfort. Deep Tissue Massage is slightly different to other treatments we offer, in that it uses slower and firmer strokes, with greater pressure applied on the body, concentrating on problem areas with deep finger pressure which relaxes the taught muscle fibres which can cause muscle strain. Following treatment, our therapists will provide you with sound advice on how to continue looking after your muscles and if necessary, invite you to arrange a further treatment session at a time convenient to you.


Causes of Muscle Tension

Many of our clients come to Maresia Spa & Massage presenting with a range of muscle problems, often caused by:

  • Stress and anxiety
  • Poor posture from long periods of desk work or standing
  • Sports Injuries
  • Arthritis
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Repetitive Work or activity with repetitive movements
  • Lifting or sudden awkward movement


Whilst physiotherapists and chiropractors recommend deep tissue therapy as a way of relieving pain and restoring muscle function, we advise that you consult your doctor if you have a medical condition which you are concerned about, prior to treatment. At Maresia Spa & Massage, our therapists have a professional responsibility to ensure that their clients are safe and able to undertake the treatments they provide.


Relax... and enjoy - Maresia Spa & Massage Treatments

Deep Tissue Massage need not just be for those with muscle pain! It is also an amazing way to relax and feel invigorated, soothing away the stress and tension of a busy week (or month!). From the moment you set foot in our North London premises, our friendly staff will ensure that your needs are taken care of, offering you a little bit of well-deserved pampering. Our qualified therapists are also on hand to discuss what’s involved in a Deep Tissue Massage treatment, and how it can help with any muscle problems you have. After their first session, many clients book regularly to keep their aches and pains at bay, using the simple online booking system. However, if you wish to know more prior to booking, feel free to come in to our premises in Bush Hill Park for a chat with one of our friendly staff.


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